Arasaka Corporate Security

Making it all right through judicious application of might.


STATS: INT 6, REF 8/?, TECH 5, COOL 8,
ATTR 6, LUCK 5, MA 7, BODY 8,
EMP 7/?, SAVE 8, BTM -3.

Armor: SP 18 vest (EV+0)

Gear: company Trauma Team card, a belt-pack for the standard issue headset communicator, a mini light, a monoknife, identification, handcuffs, and an Arasaka WSA pistol with three magazines; sometimes also carry either the Arasaka Assault Shot 12, the Arasaka WAA assault rifle, or the Arasaka WMA sub-machinegun.

SKILLS: Combat sense 3, Awareness/Notice 5,
Expert Security Procedures/Soldier 4,
Expert Specialty Security Ops/Combat
Skill (i.e. Maritime Security for guard,
Demolitions for soldier) 3-5, Local Language
1-6, English 2-8, Athletics 3,
Handgun 4, Submachinegun 5, Rifle
4, Karate 4, Stealth 4, Elect Security 3,
First Aid 3.


Arasaka Corporate Security

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