Character Generation

Stat Points

Man alive, but do I hate making people roll for these. All starting characters get 65 attribute points (as determined by the TLAR method). That’s more than enough. Don’t you think?

Skill Points and Skills

Starting characters receive 55 skill points plus (REF+INT)*1.5 points for pickup skills. Mathematics and History may be considered subsumed into General Education unless one is highly specialized.

Life Paths

We won’t be using life paths. Just make up a background.


Disallowed Roles are Nomad, Corporate, Cop, Media, and Rockerboy. It’s not that you can’t play one, but you’ll use a different role and its special ability. Credibility as a Media is covered by your Rep score; Charismatic Leadership by the Leadership skill; Authority by Intimidate (or Persuasion, I guess, depending on where you fall on the good cop/bad cop divide), and anyway, most cops don’t fit in well with other cyberpunks; and resources for corporates are more a factor of rep and rank than any skill level. Nomads…don’t get me started.

Special Abilities

Starting Special Abilities are limited to 6 or lower.

Starting Gear and Money

25,000 euro [equal to 5,000,000 New Yen, or $50,000 USD] worth. Those foolish enough to make a deal with the devil may add an additional 10,000 euro worth of cyberwear. Probably not a great trade. Any left over starting euro (but not, I hasten to add, deal with the devil monies) will be converted into patriotic (but weak) US Dollars at 2 dollars for every 1 euro.

A note on Availability

At character generation, gear with P (for “Poor”) availability cost 1.5 times its’ list price. Items with R (for “Rare”) availability cost 2x their list price. Additionally, old-timey weapons (i.e. those listed on p.56 of Cyberpunk 2020) cost only 50 euro for a pistol, or 200 euro for a longarm or SMG.

Starting Rep

No more than 6, but GM-determined based on PC backstory.

Character Generation

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