Chicago Police Department

Years of financial mismanagement and neglect wiped out the Chicago Public School system, and have nearly strangled the Chicago PD, as well. The rise of corporate-subsidized policing in the parts of the city where most of the tax revenues come from has greatly lessened the sense of urgency the city’s government might have felt about their declining police force. Once more than 12,000 officers strong, the CPD now fields about half that number, covering twenty-three districts.

Chicago beat cops are rarely seen patrolling alone or outside a vehicle unless they’re in the ultra-secure (and corporate-policed) 1st or 18th districts (the Loop or Lincoln Park, respectively). Outside of those areas, they travel either in HMMWVs or Militech Commando patrol cars.

The typical CPD officer is armed with a Militech Arms Avenger 9mm pistol and either a Militech Military/Police 12-gauge shotgun or a Militech Ronin 5.56mm assault rifle; officers carrying assault rifles are also issued with tear gas rifle grenades. They wear SP20 flak vests and navy blue-painted SP14 Army-surplus steel helmets (a sore point with the policeman’s union) with face shields outside their vehicles. Turnover is high, be it from stress or injuries (often fatal) in the line of duty. Boostergangers often try to capture them alive; it’s best to draw a veil over what happens next.

CPD has a few AV-4s, which it reserves for the C-SWAT units. C-SWAT teams are generally well-equipped, although comparatively few in number, which makes them highly casualty-averse. As such, they rarely opt for the direct approach.

A recurring issue for the department has been choosing a supplier; currently Militech has an exclusive contract to arm CPD officers, but Arasaka has been attempting to muscle in. The competition between the two arms conglomerates has cost the lives of a number of officers.

Chicago Police Department

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