I’m bringing back the Combat Experience rule from Cyberpunk v1.0, or at least a variant of it.

Basically, you subtract your COOL stat from 10. The result is your Combat Experience Modifier (CEM) which is applied as a penalty to all rolls in combat.

So that’s bad. But the good news is, each time your character survives a firefight, your CEM goes down by 1. Eventually, in the fullness of time, it should hit zero.

Solos are exempt from this, as it’s assumed they’ve probably been shot at before a zillion times. Everyone else, even war vets, still gets a little jittery. They may have fought in SouthAm, but never in my game. Whole ’nother world.

I’m debating whether or not to use the High Noon Shootout rules from LUYPS, right now I think probably not.


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