Organized Crime

Sons of the Neon Chrysanthemum

The yakuza have made heavy inroads into the USA in the last twenty years, helped by the spread of corporate titan Arasaka, with who they maintain an uneasy symbiotic relationship.

The Chicago Outfit

Badly battered by the end of the 1980s, the corruption and confusion of the following years reinvigorated the Mafia in Chicago, and they play an important but hidden part in the life of the city.


Though boosters have home turf, they can be found anywhere in the city but the Loop or Lincoln Park, looking for trouble.

The Disciples

The last surviving Chicago street gang with any roots prior to the turn of the century, though little remains beyond the name. They control territory south of the Loop and occasionally sell their services to Bell-Boeing, who they feel is the only major corporation with any long-term Chicago connections. (In truth, Bell-Boeing has only been in the city for 19 years, but few gangers are much older.)

Red Wind

This gang controls much of the northwest of the city; they frequently sabotage the automated toll machines on the roads in from O’Hare, and then pick off the repair crews. More benignly(? if that is the word), they farm themselves out to Militech as extra muscle or deniable assets.

The Rams

A heavily cybered-up gang west of the Loop. Its members are prone to cyberpsychosis, and it’s currently sponsored by Arasaka as part of their effort to dislodge Militech.

The Rippers

Anarchic free agents southwest of the Loop, as savage and brutal as any of the other boostergangs.


The Gacys

A profoundly creepy posergang of clowns. It would hardly be an exaggeration to say they’re almost universally unloved.

The Kennedys

An out-of-town import, the Kennedy posergang wiped out the less dynamic hometown heroes the Daleys in 2017 in a three-night orgy of violence. They sometimes manage to percolate into Lincoln Park, where they’re guardedly tolerated.

The Honest Abes

Self-styled rivals of the Kennedys, this small and weak posergang is more likely to be found holing up in abandoned buildings outside of the city limits proper.


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