The Loop

Like most cities in the Cyberpunk era, Chicago has a protected, squeaky-clean core, patrolled by corporate cops and kept nice for the tourists. It actually basically already had that before the Cyberpunk era as well.

The EBM Tower, still one of the tallest buildings in the world that isn’t an arcology, dominates the city skyline. Most locals, especially those born before 2000, still call it the Sears Tower.

Petrochem occupies the entirety of the old Standard Oil building.

Militech operates a vast corporate office and showroom out of the former Two Prudential Plaza.

Arasaka works out of the former John Hancock building.

Bell-Boeing remains in the Boeing building.

Although the CPD still patrols the city streets, most policing is handled by corporate security forces. On the rare occasions boostergangers are actually seen in the loop, it’s almost certain that one corporation or another is renting their services to strike overtly at a rival.

The Loop

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